Asset investment is the third contributor to your pot – and therefore the focus of UWP's work

Asset investments in the UWP

A good investment of assets is the most important success factor of a pension fund. Investment income forms the so-called "third contributor", in addition to employee and employer contributions.

UWP is a pension platform on which different asset investment vehicles (investment pools) are operated.

Larger affiliated companies or groups of companies with more than CHF 5 million in pension assets have the option of setting up and operating their own investment vehicle. In particular, companies that previously operated their own pension fund can simply transfer it to UWP and operate their pension solution largely unchanged, with significantly less effort.


Investment strategy

The investment strategy, i.e. the allocation of the investment assets to the investment categories such as shares, real estate, bonds, etc. is decisive for the achievable returns in the long term. For this reason, it is essential to define investment strategies for each investment vehicle in the UWP that correspond to the insured structure and customer wishes.

Transparent implementation

In order to avoid conflicts of interest and to comply with current governance regulations, the definition of the investment strategy and its implementation must be carried out by separate bodies. In implementing the strategy, the Foundation attaches importance to making only transparent investments wherever possible, with a clear focus on equities, real estate and bonds.

Low asset management costs

Every franc of investment costs must first be earned or compensated by corresponding additional returns. Especially in times when it is difficult to achieve the required investment returns, even more attention must be paid to cost-efficient implementations.