Asset investment is the third contributor to your pot – and therefore the focus of UWP's work

Our real estate

UWP has long relied on direct real estate investments to invest the pension assets entrusted to it. It is very important to select properties according to the right criteria.

UWP's real estate portfolio is excluded from the banks' asset management mandates. For this purpose, the foundation has a real estate commission consisting of a member of the foundation board and three external real estate specialists. This commission regularly assesses the value and maintenance requirements of the real estate already held and submits any necessary changes to the Board of Trustees. The Real Estate Commission also systematically searches for and evaluates interesting new properties according to a guideline developed by UWP itself. The decision to purchase always rests with the Board of Trustees.

Currently, UWP holds over CHF 200 million of investments in direct real estate, which corresponds to about 460 apartments! In recent years, these properties have made a constant and valuable contribution to the Foundation's investment success. The map below shows the locations of these properties.

Key investment criteria include:

  • Good location within the municipality, good transport and infrastructure links.
  • Predominantly residential
  • Only sole ownership
  • Regular maintenance proven
  • Resaleability guaranteed
  • Attractive floor plans
  • Purchase price in the range of CHF 4-25 million.
  • Apartments/unit ≥ 10 apartments
  • Vacancy rate < 10% of net rental income on average over the last 3 years
  • Tenant turnover < 15% per year on average over the past 3 years (measured by net rental income)
  • Ecological and sustainable construction is guaranteed