UWP has been safeguarding occupational pension provision for its affiliated companies since 1993.




Affiliated companies


Insured members

Our strengths

Asset investment

Occupational pension provision in Switzerland is based on the funding principle. Each insured member saves their own retirement assets over the course of their entire working life. It is therefore important for these funds to both provide an acceptable return,  at an acceptable level of risk. UWP uses the three basic building-block investment forms – equities, real estate and bonds – no magic, but traditional sound investment work.

Customer proximity

Customer proximity means that UWP knows its customers and their needs and is at their disposal at all times. But customer proximity also means that UWP regularly provides information to improve understanding of developments in occupational benefits. Transparency is also a core element in fostering customer proximity.

Low costs

Every franc that does not need to be spent on risk and administration costs can be used for pension savings. UWP constantly looks at optimising all areas where further cost savings can be made. Our focus is on the cost of insuring against the risks of death and disability. The fewer benefit cases UWP has to bear, the lower the cost of the risk. The aim is to limit benefit cases as much as possible, through preventative measures and professional care management.


From the beginning, UWP has always led the way with new solutions for its customers. Innovation is currently focused on digitalisation, where UWP aims to provide a unique solution throughout Switzerland for its insured members and affiliated companies.


UWP provides services for its customers "from entrepreneur to entrepreneur". We respond to demand with the greatest possible flexibility in pensions and investment solutions. The only limits are those set by the law.


Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a high level of specialist expertise, an individual approach does not necessarily mean higher costs. UWP is able to offer its customers tailored solutions that are no more expensive than typical off-the-shelf products. UWP adapts its pension solutions to its customers and not vice versa.


UWP is an independent collective foundation. It is committed to its affiliated companies and their beneficiaries, who are insured in the collective foundation. The Board of Trustees is made up of equal numbers of representatives of the affiliated employers and representatives of the collective foundation's insured beneficiaries. UWP can therefore be viewed as a kind of self-help organisation of insured members for insured members. It uses its commercial independence to offer its insured members the best pension solutions.

Our organisation


2. July 1993


Tax-exempt pillar 2 institution entered in the register of occupational benefits schemes of the Canton of Basel-Stadt within the meaning of Art. 80 et seq. SCC, Art. 331 SCO and Art. 48 para. 2 OPA


Beratungsgesellschaft für die zweite Säule AG,
Dornacherstrasse 230, 4018 Basel


Copartner Revision AG
Dufourstrasse 11, 4010 Basel

Pension insurance expert

c-alm AG
Zwinglistrasse 6, 9000 St. Gallen


Weinbergstrasse 139, 8042 Zürich

Asset management

Lies in the responsibility of the individual asset managers of the
asset pools

Supervisory authority

BSABB BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht beider Basel (Supervisory Board for Occupational Pensions and Foundations of the Two Basels)
Eisengasse 8, 4001 Basel

Information and advice

Beratungsgesellschaft für die zweite Säule AG,
Dornacherstrasse 230, 4018 Basel

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of highly professional individuals with long-standing experience. Their job is to actively pursue the goals of UWP and enable all insured members to obtain fair pension provision.

Employee representatives

_ST_0046 l frei def Kopie.jpg

Michael Quici, vice president
Head of Finance and Controlling
Basellandschaftliche Gebäudeversicherung

Michael Schär frei def Kopie.jpg

Michael Schär
Assistant to the Management

Daniel Schoch l frei def Kopie.jpg

Daniel Schoch
Head of Finance / IT
Balimpex AG

Felix Tschirky frei def Kopie.jpg

Felix Tschirky
Asset Manager
Schmid Management AG

Denise Zimmermann l frei def Kopie.jpg

Denise Zimmermann
Pension Fund Advisor

Employer representatives

Philipp Spichty frei def Kopie.jpg

Philipp Spichty, president
Deputy director
Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt


Christian Willi
Urs Willi & Partner Assekuranzbroker

_ST_0037 l frei def Kopie.jpg

Raphael Cica

Roger Thomann l frei def Kopie.jpg

Roger Thomann
Head of Finance and Administration
Aluminium-Laufen AG

Dr. oec. Corina Saxer-Stacher l frei def Kopie.jpg

Dr. oec. Corina Saxer-Stacher
Citizen's council
Ortsbürgergemeinde St.Gallen