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Acturial interest rate


Conversion rate (all-inclusive)

Pension provision at UWP

UWP specializes in the provision and operation of customized pension plans. With our selectable investment strategies and flexible benefit plan choices, optimal retirement solutions can be offered. As an enveloping fund, UWP pays one interest rate on the entire retirement assets of the insured and applies only one conversion rate to the entire retirement capital.

The strategies at a glance


The dynamic investment solution.

Investment philosophy «actively managed»
Coverage ratio 112.5%
Investment volume (in CHF 1,000) 732’195
Number of pension funds 382
Number of insured members 3'660
Performance YTD 5.7%
Average returns 2019-23 4.72%

 Asset manager

Bank Baumann & Cie., IFS Independent Financial Services AG, Crédit Suisse AG, Trafina AG, Albin Kistler AG


The cautious, balanced investment solution.

Investment philosophy «BVG 25» fund
Coverage ratio 104.7%
Investment volume (in CHF 1,000) 63’669
Number of pension funds 40
Number of insured members 545
Performance YTD 4.8%
Average returns 2019-23 3.07%

Asset manager

Swisscanto via BKB


The sportier investment solution.

Investment philosophy «BVG 40» fund
Coverage ratio 109.4%
Investment volume (in CHF 1,000) 57’456
Number of pension funds 51
Number of insured members 117
Performance YTD 7.1%
Average returns 2019-23 4.88%

 Asset manager

Swisscanto via BKB


The continuously positive investment solution.

Investment philosophy «real estate plus»
Coverage ratio 106.0%
Investment volume (in CHF 1,000) 129’695
Number of pension funds 61
Number of insured members 886
Performance YTD 3.5%
Average returns 2019-23 3.67%

Asset manager

J. Safra Sarasin


The bank-specific investment solution.

Investment philosophy «like bank- own PF»
Coverage ratio 99.0%
Investment volume (in CHF 1,000) 17’475
Number of pension funds 5
Number of insured members 163
Performance YTD 5.6%
Average returns 2020-23 1.81%

 Asset manager

CIC Bank


The self-determined, individual pension fund solution.

Self-determined, individual pension fund solution: own asset manager, own investment strategy, own real estate with the management service of the UWP Collective Foundation.

Asset investment

Six investment strategies, one thing in common: all are first-class solutions.


With the foundation of UWP in 1993, today's largest asset pool Primo was created.
Five independent asset managers selected by the Board of Trustees invest UWP's pension assets with the same strategic guidelines but different investment styles.

The dynamic investment solution.


Since 2008, UWP has offered a prudent investment solution with the Pari asset pool. An uncomplicated implementation of asset management with Swisscanto investment foundations and a conservative investment strategy results in stable returns without major risks.

The cautious, balanced investment solution.


The Alto asset pool was launched in 2008. A high-yield investment strategy, also implemented with Swisscanto investment foundations. It enables above-average investment results. An interesting alternative to the BVG basic solutions.

The sportier investment solution.


In 2018, Terra, an investment vehicle with a high real estate ratio, was introduced. UWP oversees the real estate. J. Safra Sarasin manages the other assets. This leads to stable returns. Terra is for those for whom real estate is the new bonds. 

The continuously positive investment solution.


Opened in 2020, Solo offers clients for the first time an investment strategy that the asset manager, Bank CIC, applies to its own pension fund. Companies can call the investment strategy of this prudent bank their own with Solo.

The bank-specific investment solution.


Your individual pension fund solution packaged in "Tutto"; your own asset manager, your own investment strategy, your own real estate and the administrative services of the UWP Collective Foundation. Freed from regulatory tasks and obligations. The management remains in your hands.

The self-determined, individual pension solution.

Smart provisioning with a system