Aktuelle Themen rund um Vorsorge und die Pensionskasse

Aktuelle Themen

20 Nov 2017
Das Schweizer Stimmvolk hat am 24. September 2017 die Altersreform 2020 klar abgelehnt. Auch die Erhöhung der Mehrwertsteuer zu Gunsten der AHV wurde knapp abgelehnt.
11 Sep 2017
The enclosed special edition of UWPTHEMEN from UWP Collective Foundation encourages you to vote in the important "2020 Pension Reform" referendum on 24 September 2017.
13 Jul 2017
UWP Collective Foundation grants partners the same survivors' benefits as spouses. However, various requirements must be met for these benefits to be paid in accordance with the regulations.
13 Jul 2017
UWP is a collective foundation. Independent companies are affiliated to it for the purpose of occupational pension provision. A pension fund (pf) is set up at UWP for each affiliated company.
3 Jul 2017
In Switzerland, around 50% of marriages currently end in divorce. Among other things, divorce entails a re-arrangement of the financial circumstances of both parties.