Pension fund regulations 2022

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As per 01/01/2022, there have been a number of adjustments to the pension fund regulations of the UWP Collective Foundation.

The most important adjustments are:

  • Changes in anticipated benefits (death of the old-age pensioner) Art. 18.6:
    The new element is that lowering of the anticipated spouse’s pension is possible.
  • Disability Pension Art.19.2:
    In the wake of the IV revision, this article was completely revised. Further development of the IV comes into force on 1st January. The Federal Council adopted a resolution on this at a meeting on 3rd November 2021. The revision of the law, in particular, brings with it improvements for children, youths and adults with psychological problems. During medical evaluations, measures are implemented for quality assurance and more transparency. The implementation of this revision requires extensive changes at the ordinance level at which a consultation process took place. The Federal Council took account of these results and made adjustments to the regulations. The introduction of the continuous pension system is very significant for occupational pension schemes. The precise IV level has recently become much more significant. One differentiates in the pension fund regulations between claims made before and after 01/01/2022.

Appendices 4 and 5 were also revised.

Appendix 4 Restructuring measures:

  • Generally better structuring of the appendix and a more precise description of what a minor and a major shortfall is
  • Gradation of the measures according to classification of the shortfall
  • Introduction of a visual orientation grid

Appendix 5 Cohorts:

  • With the introduction of new death tables (BVG 2020) and changeover of the period tables to generation tables, the cohorts were recalculated.
  • One new aspect is that the interest rate assurance of all pensioner cohorts is assessed based upon the current basis.
  • A benefit improvement for old-age pensioners is possible when the fluctuation reserve of the asset pool has increased to at least 100%.
  • The benefit improvement was refined with regard to the reference value (coverage capital of the pensioner excl. entitlement) and the difference in interest rate.

You can find the current pension fund regulations on our UWP website at Downloads and in our UWP app.

The UWP Collective Foundation office is happy to be of assistance at any time if you have any questions regarding the new pension fund regulations.

We thank you for your trust and wish you all the best for the future.

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